Time for us To Retire!

Time for us To Retire!

Time for us to Retire!

Hey there! I know we’ve been getting a little more inconsistent when it comes to our posting and our updates, but we’ve been thinking about retiring for a while, and now we’re going to do it, so Frank and I are issuing this final update from us about the nature of the website.


Website Update – First, just because we are gone doesn’t mean that we will stop updating the site. We are going to leave control of the site in the hands of our 17-year-old son, Ricky. Ricky will be slowly changing the tone of the site, but he will still be posting updates about us for those who are curious, the site will live on!

Where we are Going – We are going to move down into a House in the Florida Keys. We have found an amazing company who deals in real estate that is going to be helping us with the transition, and we are going to live out the rest of our lives there.

What we will be doing – When we are down there, we are just going to be retired. We need to relax in our waning years and focus more on being healthy and happy. We have toyed with the idea of jointly writing a book together but it is still in the planning phase, and we are unsure as to what we will be doing in the meantime, maybe try and contact our friend who runs the direct messenger service, Sunrise FL branch.

siberisomeLiving the Dream – Besides that, we are just going to be enjoying ourselves. We are not going to say which key we will be living on but we already know we are going to be frequenting Key West, it is our favorite, but we plan on living on one that is a little more relaxed.


We know you will miss us and we will miss you too. IF you ever want to ask us how we’re doing, feel free to give us a call or shoot us an e-mail, au revoir!