New Room for Grandma

New Room for Grandma

Jacksonville Florida StampHey guys, it’s Alex here! So I know I already told you the story about my grandmother and her broken air conditioning unit in the summer time. Well, I felt like it was a good opportunity to visit my dear grandmother again in December and I noticed that the weather was just so great during the day time. It does not get too cold down in Jacksonville in the winter time, and I told my grandmother that it is kind of foolish to let that kind of weather go to waste. I urged her to get a screen room added to her home, and she thought it was a good idea. I was not sure who I would be able to call to get this type of job done, but after checking out a few different companies, I stumbled upon M. Daigle & Sons Construction.

M. Daigle & Sons Construction is a construction company that has the necessary expertise to add a screen room to your home. When I called them, they gave me an exact price for the job and did not beat around the bush. My grandmother was absolutely ecstatic because the price that they gave us was much less than we were expecting. We booked a time for them to come to my grandmother’s house to add the screen room to her home and that was that. When the day came for them to come for the installation, they showed up at the exact time that they promised they would.

The M. Daigle & Sons Construction crew came, and they knew exactly what they were doing when they began to work. They did not waste any time, and they started working right away, diligently. Before you knew it, the whole job was complete, and my grandmother now had an incredible addition to her home, a screen room that she can feel like she is outside without actually being outside. With a screen room, you can enjoy fresh air coming in and the cool breeze without having to deal with any pesky bugs. My grandmother absolutely loves it.

Screen Room AdditionM. Daigle & Sons Construction does not only deal with the installation of screen rooms, but they can also install a glass room which is almost the same thing but instead of the screens it is glass instead. If you have an exposed-to-sunlight patio, that can be covered with a patio cover, which M. Daigle & Sons Construction can do for you in a jiffy. They can also install carports if you wish. If you have a mobile home, they can give it a complete makeover and make it look absolutely fantastic. M. Daigle & Sons Construction can pretty much do any task that you put in front of them!

If you would like any of the additions mentioned above added to your home, do not hesitate to call M. Daigle & Sons Construction. Their prices are extremely competitive, and their workers are very knowledgeable and hard working.