Frank and the Great Investment!

Frank and the Great Investment!

1-hotel-and-residences-balcony-imageIt’s been a long time since I’ve spoken about Frank and for good reason. You see Frank has had a bit of a run-in with trying to keep his finances above water, but in that time he has done a tremendous amount of good for his community by investing in a few choice great companies around the Tampa Bay Area!

While we don’t think it’s important to state exactly what kind of problem he might have found himself in financially, we do think it’s a great idea to show everyone how he was able to pay off that debt by making some great investments in the local economy and other staples of great American businesses.

While we will keep the names of the companies private, we do believe it’s a great idea to let everyone know exactly what kinds of businesses that we have decided to invest in. For example, the most yielding investment we’ve found have been from a local commercial carpentry┬ácompany in St. Augustine, Florida.

Through our investments in this company and the improved growth of the business of investing in local economies. We’ve received a substantial ROI. We highly suggest that you invest in your fellow man more than you should invest in a corporation because often you will have a much more humanistic approach.


So far, the ROI hasn’t been as big as we would have thought but at the same time, we didn’t invest nearly as much as we expected to when we were comparing our much higher cost client. Though still, we believe it was a sound investment and stand by our decision so much that we believe it should go without saying.

Finally, we invested in ourselves. We are investing in this blog again. Maybe we can get a big enough traction to really begin dealing out leads and possibly gaining ad credentials again. Many people are in the blogging business now and we believe it’s a great idea to jump back in and say hello again to our fan bases.

So without further ado, how did we do? If you like our blog and want us to do more, leave a message or shoot an e-mail. we’d love to hear back from you, let us know what you think and we’ll get right to letting you know what’s up!