Frank Lost His Keys

Frank Lost His Keys!

KeysHello everybody, it is Alex here with another crazy story! So if you guys remember the story where I helped my buddy Frank find a condo in Miami Beach, I mentioned that he would let me visit him whenever I wanted if I helped him find the condo. You better believe that I took advantage of that proposal. Two weeks ago I took a few days off from work to check out the new place. We decided to go out that night, and we had a good time hanging out with cool people at a popular Miami Beach restaurant. When we got back to Frank’s car he looked at me with a look of surprise; he could not find his car keys. We went back to the restaurant where we were eating, and we did not have any luck finding it there. We knew we had only one option, to call a locksmith. We searched the internet for a good locksmith company, and we found one that looked excellent, and they were. We called Miami Locksmith.

Push Start IgnitionWhen we called Miami Locksmith, they assured us that these kinds of things happen all the time, which made us feel somewhat better. The operator told us that the locksmith would be at our location within ten minutes. We were a little skeptical when she told us that, but to our surprise, there he was, ten minutes later. When we spoke to the locksmith of Miami Locksmith, we told him what the situation was, and he said that it is absolutely not a problem. We also told him that Frank’s key is an advanced one used for push-start ignition, and we were not sure if the locksmith was capable of producing a key like that. Again he let us know that it was not a problem. He gave us the price, which was affordable, and he began working. He finished the job in about twenty minutes; we paid the man, and he was on his way. As easy as one, two, three.

Miami LocksmithMiami Locksmith does not only deal with your automotive locksmith needs, but also deals with residential and commercial situations. If you have locked yourself out of your home, Miami Locksmith will get to you as soon as possible and grant you access very fast because they understand that nobody is happy being locked out of their homes. They can also help you out with all of your commercial locksmith needs. Whether you have locked yourself out of your office or you are in the need of having the lock replaced with a new one, Miami Locksmith can help you out with any of those things.

At the end of the story, Frank was able to get back into his car, and it barely cost him any money to do so. If you are ever in Miami Beach and are in need of an excellent locksmith service, I suggest you call Miami Locksmith. If I were you, I would store their phone number in your phone right now just in case it is an emergency and you are in the need of a locksmith, you will not regret doing so.

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