Time for us To Retire!

Time for us To Retire!

Time for us to Retire!

Hey there! I know we’ve been getting a little more inconsistent when it comes to our posting and our updates, but we’ve been thinking about retiring for a while, and now we’re going to do it, so Frank and I are issuing this final update from us about the nature of the website.


Website Update – First, just because we are gone doesn’t mean that we will stop updating the site. We are going to leave control of the site in the hands of our 17-year-old son, Ricky. Ricky will be slowly changing the tone of the site, but he will still be posting updates about us for those who are curious, the site will live on!

Where we are Going – We are going to move down into a House in the Florida Keys. We have found an amazing company who deals in real estate that is going to be helping us with the transition, and we are going to live out the rest of our lives there.

What we will be doing – When we are down there, we are just going to be retired. We need to relax in our waning years and focus more on being healthy and happy. We have toyed with the idea of jointly writing a book together but it is still in the planning phase, and we are unsure as to what we will be doing in the meantime, maybe try and contact our friend who runs the direct messenger service, Sunrise FL branch.

siberisomeLiving the Dream – Besides that, we are just going to be enjoying ourselves. We are not going to say which key we will be living on but we already know we are going to be frequenting Key West, it is our favorite, but we plan on living on one that is a little more relaxed.


We know you will miss us and we will miss you too. IF you ever want to ask us how we’re doing, feel free to give us a call or shoot us an e-mail, au revoir!

Frank and the Great Investment!

Frank and the Great Investment!

1-hotel-and-residences-balcony-imageIt’s been a long time since I’ve spoken about Frank and for good reason. You see Frank has had a bit of a run-in with trying to keep his finances above water, but in that time he has done a tremendous amount of good for his community by investing in a few choice great companies around the Tampa Bay Area!

While we don’t think it’s important to state exactly what kind of problem he might have found himself in financially, we do think it’s a great idea to show everyone how he was able to pay off that debt by making some great investments in the local economy and other staples of great American businesses.

While we will keep the names of the companies private, we do believe it’s a great idea to let everyone know exactly what kinds of businesses that we have decided to invest in. For example, the most yielding investment we’ve found have been from a local commercial carpentry company in St. Augustine, Florida.

Through our investments in this company and the improved growth of the business of investing in local economies. We’ve received a substantial ROI. We highly suggest that you invest in your fellow man more than you should invest in a corporation because often you will have a much more humanistic approach.


So far, the ROI hasn’t been as big as we would have thought but at the same time, we didn’t invest nearly as much as we expected to when we were comparing our much higher cost client. Though still, we believe it was a sound investment and stand by our decision so much that we believe it should go without saying.

Finally, we invested in ourselves. We are investing in this blog again. Maybe we can get a big enough traction to really begin dealing out leads and possibly gaining ad credentials again. Many people are in the blogging business now and we believe it’s a great idea to jump back in and say hello again to our fan bases.

So without further ado, how did we do? If you like our blog and want us to do more, leave a message or shoot an e-mail. we’d love to hear back from you, let us know what you think and we’ll get right to letting you know what’s up!


Tibet and Beyond!

Tibet and Beyond!

DropHello again! Long time no see! I’ve been hiking in the Himalayas like some Brad Pitt character from 7 years in Tibet. Anyway, I finally hit American soil and will tell you all about my hikes, but for now, I have to tell you this crazy story about Bob.

Oh man, where are my manners?! Bob is a friend of Franks, I say friend because I don’t know their relationship, all I know is that Frank has been gabbing about how I helped him find that house and now everyone wants my help with housing, maybe I should become a realtor!

Anyway, my acquaintance, Bob lives up in Boynton Beach, so I tell him “Hey I know just the guy. When I was hiking in the Himalayas, there was a gent that I met there who was an absolute saint. This guys name was none other than Ryan Conte, the owner of Ryan Realty.”

I tell him, hey dude if you want the best realtor in Boynton Beach, this guy is the guy you’re looking for. After some hemming and hawing from him, I take him back up to Boynton Beach in my Jeep, and we go up and meet the man, the legend, Ryan Conte.

They go through their motions, and the guy ended up with his dream home and was as happy as could be. But that’s life you know? One day you’re climbing a mountain with a stranger, the next day you’re calling that stranger up for a favor. That’s the way the world is. Thought sometimes it can be harsher too.

We were at the base of them mountain and the snow were beginning to stick to us like cotton on the barbs of a rose. It was me, Jacinto, and David climbing the mountain. A usually two-man journey, we took three just to be safe. We were tethered to each other as we made our ascent. The crimson cord was our lifeline to each other.

We moved in unison up the mountain; no step was reckless or miscalculated. But a chance moment happened. There must have been climbers higher up the mountain because as I, being in front, placed my hand again a few pebbles had trickled down my hand, my eyes launch skyward to find rocks falling toward us.

Him TodayA shout and a scurry, and we shuffled ourselves to the right. But David was always the slowest one in the group, and he caught a rock the size of a softball to his left foot as we were scurrying over. The impact knocked him down probably ten feet, the sound of scraping claw alerted us to the inevitable pull, and we dropped.

The drop was shorted only due to our quick reaction speeds and foot work, but David was not meant for the travel. We worked on our descent from there, and the few hundred yards from the solid ground did not make us feel better. We made it but

Frank Lost His Keys!

Frank Lost His Keys!

KeysHello everybody, it is Alex here with another crazy story! So if you guys remember the story where I helped my buddy Frank find a condo in Miami Beach, I mentioned that he would let me visit him whenever I wanted if I helped him find the condo. You better believe that I took advantage of that proposal. Two weeks ago I took a few days off from work to check out the new place. We decided to go out that night, and we had a good time hanging out with cool people at a popular Miami Beach restaurant. When we got back to Frank’s car he looked at me with a look of surprise; he could not find his car keys. We went back to the restaurant where we were eating, and we did not have any luck finding it there. We knew we had only one option, to call a locksmith. We searched the internet for a good locksmith company, and we found one that looked excellent, and they were. We called Miami Locksmith.

Push Start IgnitionWhen we called Miami Locksmith, they assured us that these kinds of things happen all the time, which made us feel somewhat better. The operator told us that the locksmith would be at our location within ten minutes. We were a little skeptical when she told us that, but to our surprise, there he was, ten minutes later. When we spoke to the locksmith of Miami Locksmith, we told him what the situation was, and he said that it is absolutely not a problem. We also told him that Frank’s key is an advanced one used for push-start ignition, and we were not sure if the locksmith was capable of producing a key like that. Again he let us know that it was not a problem. He gave us the price, which was affordable, and he began working. He finished the job in about twenty minutes; we paid the man, and he was on his way. As easy as one, two, three.

Miami LocksmithMiami Locksmith does not only deal with your automotive locksmith needs, but also deals with residential and commercial situations. If you have locked yourself out of your home, Miami Locksmith will get to you as soon as possible and grant you access very fast because they understand that nobody is happy being locked out of their homes. They can also help you out with all of your commercial locksmith needs. Whether you have locked yourself out of your office or you are in the need of having the lock replaced with a new one, Miami Locksmith can help you out with any of those things.

At the end of the story, Frank was able to get back into his car, and it barely cost him any money to do so. If you are ever in Miami Beach and are in need of an excellent locksmith service, I suggest you call Miami Locksmith. If I were you, I would store their

John’s AC Problem

John’s AC Problem

Hello everybody, Alex here with another blog for you! Last week I visited my friend John in Jacksonville. He has a nice little apartment, and he said I can spend the night over if I want just to sleep on the couch. I am a pretty low maintenance guy, so I had no problem with that. As we are about to go to bed, we notice that it is getting a little hot in the apartment, and I’m just thinking to myself, oh no not again. I was worried that there was a problem with the air conditioner like at my grandmother’s house, and that was the exact problem. These typeJohns-Apartment of things always seem to happen to me. So John and I had no other choice but to look at our AC repair options in the area, and we are thankful that we found a great AC company to fix the broken AC, Air Source America.

It must have been midnight when we called Air Source America, and they answered the phone as if we called them during business hours, which for them I guess it was. We told them what the problem was, and they said that they would send over a technician right away. Only fifteen minutes had passed by from the time we got off the phone with Air Source America to the time we heard a knock on the front door. At the door was the AC technician, a welcome surprise.

Fixing the AC in Johns ApartmentThe man came in and showed him where the AC unit was. He looked at the unit for about two minutes and was able to diagnose the problem with that little time. He told John what the price for the air conditioning service would be, and it was a good price, so John accepted. The technician got to work and about ten minutes later told us to turn on the AC and see if it is working. The AC turned on, and we started feeling the cold air circulate through John’s apartment. We thanked the AC technician, and he left.

247 ServiceAir Source America is a professional AC repair company that is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week, so no matter what time you are in need of their services, they will be there for you. When you schedule an appointment with them, they are always on time and never charge you for any overtime work. Their technicians are always extremely knowledgeable about everything that they do and the prices at Air Source America are some of the best in the nation. You cannot go wrong if you decide to hire Air Source America as your AC technicians.

At the end of the night, John was happy because he had a working AC unit and I was glad that I can sleep in an air conditioned environment. We are happy that Air Source America is a reliable AC repair company and that they were able to fix the AC very

New Room for Grandma

New Room for Grandma

Jacksonville Florida StampHey guys, it’s Alex here! So I know I already told you the story about my grandmother and her broken air conditioning unit in the summer time. Well, I felt like it was a good opportunity to visit my dear grandmother again in December and I noticed that the weather was just so great during the day time. It does not get too cold down in Jacksonville in the winter time, and I told my grandmother that it is kind of foolish to let that kind of weather go to waste. I urged her to get a screen room added to her home, and she thought it was a good idea. I was not sure who I would be able to call to get this type of job done, but after checking out a few different companies, I stumbled upon M. Daigle & Sons Construction.

M. Daigle & Sons Construction is a construction company that has the necessary expertise to add a screen room to your home. When I called them, they gave me an exact price for the job and did not beat around the bush. My grandmother was absolutely ecstatic because the price that they gave us was much less than we were expecting. We booked a time for them to come to my grandmother’s house to add the screen room to her home and that was that. When the day came for them to come for the installation, they showed up at the exact time that they promised they would.

The M. Daigle & Sons Construction crew came, and they knew exactly what they were doing when they began to work. They did not waste any time, and they started working right away, diligently. Before you knew it, the whole job was complete, and my grandmother now had an incredible addition to her home, a screen room that she can feel like she is outside without actually being outside. With a screen room, you can enjoy fresh air coming in and the cool breeze without having to deal with any pesky bugs. My grandmother absolutely loves it.

Screen Room AdditionM. Daigle & Sons Construction does not only deal with the installation of screen rooms, but they can also install a glass room which is almost the same thing but instead of the screens it is glass instead. If you have an exposed-to-sunlight patio, that can be covered with a patio cover, which M. Daigle & Sons Construction can do for you in a jiffy. They can also install carports if you wish. If you have a mobile home, they can give it a complete makeover and make it look absolutely fantastic. M. Daigle & Sons Construction can pretty much do any task that you put in front of them!

If you would like any of the additions mentioned above added to your home, do not hesitate to call M. Daigle & Sons Construction. Their prices are extremely competitive, and their workers are very knowledgeable and hard working.

Grandma Just Won’t Stop! Now She Wants Floors!

Grandma Just Won’t Stop! Now She Wants Floors!

Jacksonville FloridaHey guys, Alex here! So after my grandmother got her screen room, she does not want to stop renovating her place! She bought new furniture, painted the walls, bought new appliances, and then she wanted to replace the floors. Before she had the floors replaced, she had carpet throughout the house, and according to her, it is out of style. She wanted to have some black hardwood floors installed throughout instead of the carpet. So now I had to help her find a good company in Jacksonville to install the new floors for her. I asked a few people around the neighborhood, and they all gave me the same answer, they said that I need to go with About Floors n’ More!

When I called About Floors n’ More, they transferred me to someone in the sales department that would be able to help me with all of my needs. When I spoke to the nice lady, she gave me every single option available, gave me prices, and gave me specifications for each one. I told her that my grandma wants black hardwood, and she knew exactly what I was looking for. The price that the operator gave me was a much better price than any other company on the internet was offering, so I knew we called the right people. She scheduled the appointment for the installation, and that was the end of the phone call.

Hardwood Flooring installationThe workers arrived at my grandma’s house on the day and time that they said they would. When they started working, I could tell that these guys were professional. Not only did they know exactly what they were doing, but they worked with each other as a team. They took out my grandma’s old carpet and installed the new hardwood so fast that I was absolutely astonished. About Floors n’ More is a company that knows what it is doing when it comes to floors, as the name implies.

About Floors n’ More not only deals with the removal of carpet and installation of hardwood like in my grandma’s case, but they can pretty much remove any type of floor and install and type of floor as well. They have a large variety of different tiles that you can choose from as well, from small to big tiles, and pretty much any color and style that you can think of. If you want new carpet installed, they can do that for you as well. They have a large selection of different carpets with different colors and different feels. They also have a large variety of hardwood for you to choose from including laminates. You cannot go wrong with About Floors n’ More.

Because of About Floors n’ More, my grandma is extremely happy with her new floors. About Floors n’ More is a great flooring company that not only offered my grandma a competitive price for her floor installation but also provided great service on top of that. If you are in

My Parent’s Houston Move

My Parent’s Houston Move

Moving a PianoHey everybody! Alex here with another blog. So my parents live in Houston, and they recently decided that they want to move to a new house. Obviously, they needed my help. So I came down and helped them pack and everything. As soon as I got there and saw all of the things that needed to be moved, I knew that we needed some professional help. In their house, they have a huge piano, large furniture, and other big items that require a certain amount of expertise to move. I suggested to them that we find a local moving company that would be able to help them move all of their stuff, and they agreed. I looked online at different companies and finally stumbled on one that I knew would be good. The company is called Hercules Movers & Packers.

Hercules Movers & Packers is a moving company based in Houston, so I knew we would get excellent service from them. As soon as I called them, I was greeted by the operator and explained to him all of the items in the house that needed to be moved. He gave me a quick estimation on the price but scheduled for a technician to come to the house to give us a more accurate figure. The next day the technician came to the house, looked at all of the items and gave us a written quote, the price was actually very affordable. We agreed to their price, scheduled the time that we wanted them to come by for the move, and he was on his way.

moversTwo weeks later when the time came for the move, Hercules Movers & Packers arrived at my parent’s house right on time. They carefully wrapped all of the things that needed to be wrapped and covered every piece of furniture, so they do not get damaged. The movers seemed to know exactly what they were doing and seemed to have all of the necessary expertise to get this job done quickly and diligently. The movers put all of my parent’s possessions into their moving truck, and we were on the way to the new location.

When we arrived at my parent’s new place, the movers did just as good of a job getting all of the things off of the truck, as they did getting the things on to the truck. None of my parent’s things were damaged, and the whole move went by smoothly. When Hercules Movers & Packers gave us the final bill, we were relieved to see that it was the same number that we got on out written quote and that they were not trying to blindside us. We gave them their well-deserved money, and they were on their way.

Hercules Movers & Packers was an excellent moving company to work with, and I highly recommend their services to anyone needing to move in the Houston area. If you are looking for a good, reliable moving

It Got a Little Too Hot in Here

It Got a Little Too Hot in Here

Hey guys Alex here and I have a “hot” one for you all! Last summer I decided to visit my grandmother in Jacksonville. I always love going to her place because first of all, it is in Florida, and oh yeah, she’s my grandmother so seeing her is nice too. This trip though did not turn out how I expected. The second night at my grandmother’s, it got a little hot inside of her house. Florida, in general, is a hot place in the summer, both during the day and at night, but a house with a good air conditioning system should not get hot inside at all. We figured that the air conditioner had malfunctioned, and we were right. Trying to sleep in a hot summer night in Florida in a house with no AC is like torture. I got right on the computer and looked for a company that can help us at this time, and I am happy that I found Waychoff’s Air Conditioning.

door-knockWhen I called Waychoff’s Air Conditioning, I was crossing my fingers, hoping that they would be available to come to my grandmother’s at this time at night and fix the AC unit. To my surprise and relief, a nice lady answered the phone and said: “how may I help you?” So I gave her a little briefing on the situation, and she told me that Waychoff’s Air Conditioning offers a 24/7 emergency service, so that I have nothing to worry about. I was so relieved! She told me that a technician was on the way and that he would be arriving at my granmother’s shortly. About thirty minutes later, in the middle of the night, the technician knocked on our door.

I was so happy that the technician was able to come at this time at night. He went straight to the air conditioning unit, investigated it for about five minutes, and was able to tell us exactly what was going on with the unit. He then gave us a price that was surprisingly affordable and began working. About twenty minutes after he started working, he finished the job. He turned on the air conditioning unit, and the house was filled with cool air in the matter of no time. We thanked the Waychoff’s Air Conditioning technician, paid him his well deserved money, and he was on his way. I slept like a baby that night.

Thanks to Waychoff’s Air Conditioning, my grandmother’s air conditioning unit is now working as if it were a brand new unit. Everyone from the phone operator to the actual technician were extremely professional and knew exactly what they were doing. Without Waychoff’s Air Conditioning’s 24/7 emergency Commercial-AC-Installation1-e1398806873181service, I would have needed to sleep in what felt like a sauna and have to wait the following day for a technician to come to solve this problem. I am extremely grateful for the service we got from Waychoff’s Air Conditioning, and I would highly recommend

Financing Frank’s Condo

Financing Frank’s Condo

Hey guys Alex here! So this is somewhat of a continuation of my previous blog regarding Frank’s condo. We all know that for most real estate transactions, a mortgage is taken by the buyers. Frank was no different when it came to this; he needed to get financed as well. Before Frank and I arrived in Miami Beach, we asked our realtor if he can recommend a mortgage company for us to use to get financed. He said that there is no other mortgage company besides Mortgage Masters that he would have us use. We trusted our realtor, and that was probably the best decision that we could have made.

Before purchasing a property, the first thing you have to do is get pre-approved for a ef442d5a9be41f97ccc5f19b5501b7e5xloan, so when we called Mortgage Masters, they told us that it was not a problem at all for them to get us a pre-approval letter. We sent them some of Frank’s financial records, and they said that they will get us the pre-approval letter soon. When they said soon, Frank and I thought that meant that we will get the letter within a week or so, but no, Mortgage Masters sent us the pre-approval letter that same day! Talk about being prompt!

After we had found Frank’s condo in Miami Beach, and our offer was accepted, now was the time that we would see if Mortgage Masters can deliver on their promise and get Frank the necessary funds to complete the transaction. We have been told that the process can take a month or 45 days, which is what we expected. Mortgage Masters blew our expectations away getting us the necessary financing in two weeks! That is almost unheard of; we were utterly astonished. After this had happened, we were able to complete the transaction, and everything went by smoothly. I know what it is like to work with mortgage brokers who cannot get the job done and not only did Mortgage Masters get the job done, but they did it fast!

The best thing aboguide-to-equity-financingut Mortgage Masters is that they are always available to you if you have any question. Whenever Frank or I called Mortgage Masters, someone picked up the phone 100% of the times. We were never ignored and sent to voicemail, whatever questions we had for them they were able to answer on the spot. Even with emails, their responses were very prompt. We would send out an email with financial paperwork and five minutes later we would get a confirmation from them. When it comes to delivery, Mortgage Masters does not waste any time.

We owe this smooth execution of this transaction to our awesome Realtor and Mortgage Masters equally, both for doing exceptional work. If it were not for Mortgage Masters, Frank would not have gotten his Miami Beach property in the time that he wanted it. I recommend the services of Mortgage Masters to anybody looking to get financed in South Florida.